Mixing tragedy and optimism, Annie Miller unfolds how family tragedies bring two people together, in search for missing children, torn lives and renewed faith. 


The life a 12 year adopted girl and her struggles to live and be happy without her birth parents. 

Olivia Wellman is beside her long-lost love, Mike O’Malley, as he buries his son, adopts a child fathered by his brother and together, they find their own to deal with love and loss. 



Separated for over 20 years, two people find each other only by happenstance. Will fate let them have love? 


Life is never as simple as one would expect. That is the case for Lilly Williams, a recent graduate of University of Alabama. Upon returning home to her parents house in Savannah Georgia, she decides to take the job of a lifetime in Houston, Texas. So many changes are ahead of her, but one that she never expected from her estranged sister and brother-in-law.In Full Circle, you will see how Lilly’s life changes dramatically. How she suffers from loss and finds love once again after having her heart broken from her long-time boyfriend.

This novel is stand-alone and suitable for all ages.